How To Be More Active In A Sedentary Job

how to be more active in a sedentary job

If you have a sedentary job, you may find it difficult to get enough exercise during the day. So in your quest to find out how to be more active in a sedentary job, we need to be realistic about …

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What is the Best Under Desk Treadmill?

WalkingPad Treadmill Best Under Desk Treadmills

This is one of the first things I researched when looking for an under desk treadmill. Because buying an under desk treadmill is not a cheap $50 purchase, so it’s important to research the best under desk treadmills before you …

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5 Honest Tips On How to Work at a Standing Desk

How to work at a standing desk

When I first heard about standing desks I just could not figure out how to work at a standing desk. The idea of not sitting down to work at a desk seemed totally crazy to me and it wasn’t until …

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