The Definitive Guide to Desk Sizes for Your Office Space

When it comes to office desk sizes, there are a lot of things to consider. If you’re like me then you may have repurposed another desk in your home for your first office desk and now you’re realizing you just don’t have enough room for everything you need.

Or maybe you’re considering what room in your home to turn into an office and need an understanding of office desk sizes to see which one will be the best fit.

Whatever it is, here are a few things for you to consider:

  • How much space do you have in your office?
  • What type of work will you be doing at your desk?
  • How much space do you have in your office?

In this blog post, I will provide a comprehensive guide to desk sizes for your office space. We’ll discuss everything from small desks to large executive desks, and everything in between!

So whether you’re looking to buy a new desk or just need some information on desk dimensions, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s start with a few basics so you understand what we’re looking at here.

How are desk sizes measured?

You should consider these three desk size measurements when measuring up:

  • Width (W): The measurement of the desk from the left to the right.
  • Height (H): The height between the top and the base of the desk. These measurements are usually standard unless you go for a standing desk or adjustable height desk.
  • Depth (D): These measurements cover the space between the front and the back of the desk.

Once you’ve got these measurements, you’re ready to measure up your office space to check the desk will fit.

Types of desks

When considering desk sizes for your office you need to decide on the type of desk you’re planning to use.

Desk types are generally categorized by the use of the desk, for example with my DIY treadmill desk, I need a standing desk. But if you’re planning to sit all day, maybe on an ergonomic office chair, a standard desk or executive desk would be more suitable for your needs.

Similarly, if you have multiple monitors or carry out a lot of pen and paper-based tasks as well as work on your computer during the day, an L-shaped desk may be the best for you as you need a large work surface. Don’t forget to look for a desk chair with wheels for an L-shaped desk as it will make transitioning from one half of the desk to the other much easier.

Let’s break down the dimensions for each below so you can get the full definitive guide to office desk sizes.

Standard Desk Sizes

Standard Desk Dimensions

Standard desk sizes are usually 75.2cm H x 145cm W x 40cm D. Typically the width of the table is the shortest and the measurement you will find varies the most as you shop around for the perfect desk for your office.

A lot of standard desks do not come with storage which is fine for a home office but if you’re in a collaborative workspace, you may find you need additional furniture to store your other office equipment as the workspace on your desk will quickly fill up.

A standard office desk works well for working from home on a laptop so you have enough space for other things you might need (like coffee!).

Standing Desk Sizes

Standing Desk Dimensions

A standing desk is a desk that can be adjusted to different heights so you can work while standing. To achieve this, I have a standard sitting desk with a standing desk converter set up for my DIY treadmill desk.

The average size for a standing desk is 90cm H x 120cm W x 60cm D. However, the height of the desk should differ depending on how tall you are as you need to be able to comfortably reach the keyboard. If you’re looking to invest in a standing desk but unsure about the height you need, this post on how high should a standing desk be will help you out!

executive desk

Executive Desk Dimensions

An executive desk is a type of desk that is often used in senior offices. These desks are usually larger than standard desks and more imposing than other desk types. They also usually have more storage and can work well in a home office where you don’t have space for additional office furniture.

Executive desks are typically around 122cm H x 183cm W x 80cm D. However, the depth of the desk can vary significantly depending on the executive desk you buy. In short, you will need a large office space available to comfortably fit an executive desk.

L-Shaped Desk Sizes

L-Shaped Desk Dimensions

An L-shaped desk is a desk that has two work surfaces at right angles to each other. These desks are great for those who need a lot of desk space as they offer plenty of room to spread out. Before I set up my DIY treadmill desk, I used an L-shaped desk so I could easily have two monitors in use at all times.

L-shaped desks typically have dimensions of 122cm H x 183cm W (one side) x 101.60cm W (the other side) x 80cm D. The desk is significantly wider than a standard desk and works best when pushed against a corner of the room. You need to consider what corners you have available in your workspace when considering if an L-shaped desk will work for your needs.

When shopping for an L-shaped desk, make sure you also take the time to shop around for desk chairs to ensure you find one with wheels. You will find yourself rolling between both sides of your desk as you work so it’s important you can do this easily.

What’s the best way to choose a desk size?

I wish I could teleport to your office and let you know! Unfortunately, I can’t, but I can give you a brief rundown of the best uses for each of these desk sizes to help give you some inspiration.

Standard desks work best for:

  • Multi-purpose rooms in your house
  • Open office environments
  • Small home offices

Standing desks are best suited to:

  • Active individuals
  • Small home offices

Executive desks are best for:

  • Large home offices
  • Large single-occupancy offices

L-shaped desks are best for:

  • Multi-purpose rooms in your home
  • Small to medium home offices

And there you have it! Of course, all of the advice I’ve just shared is dependent on your unique office setup. You may find an executive desk fits well in your home office, even though you don’t feel it’s particularly big. The best thing you can do is get the measuring tape ready and see what will fit your workspace best!