Desk Job Weight Loss Journey: Week 4

I can’t believe I reached week 4! I feel like this new way of working is starting to become a new way of life for me rather than just a fad. It definitely doesn’t feel as much of a chore as it did at first but it also doesn’t feel as exciting… that said I’m still here!

As I mentioned in my week 1 post, I also visit a personal trainer 3 times per week. This will be dropping down to 2 times per week from this week so it will be interesting to see if that changes my results moving forward. Let’s hope not!

In a non-scale victory, my PT did a measurement and weight check-in with me this week and I’ve lost 1 inch. I wasn’t expecting too much from this as I lost 4 inches all over during my last check-in with her. But it all adds to the downward trend!

Desk Job Weight Loss Journey: How It’s Going

Last week we had a major hiccup when we all got sick and this week we had some childcare issues that meant I was working reduced hours. This meant I was able to hit my daily step target of 16,000 steps per day for 3 days last week. In another 2 days I hit around 10,000 steps and the other days the kids stole my Fitbit, so god only knows.

One thing I learned from this week is that I am determined to do what I can to keep up with this lifestyle change. It would have been so easy to blame childcare and not get my steps in last week, but instead, I made it work. This is why I think I’ve passed the “fad” stage into “this is my life now” stage!

Desk Job Weight Loss Journey: Week 4 Results

Now we are in week 4 of my weight loss journey, I want to share my loss for the last week but also my overall loss so far. I’m hoping that this will help anyone who stumbles across this post and wants to know what long-term results look like.

This week, I lost 1lb.

It’s becoming a bit of a pattern now that I’m losing 1lb from my new lifestyle choices but I’m hoping, now that I’ve upped my daily step count target, that I might get bigger wins some weeks.

In total, I have lost 6lbs in the last 4 weeks. 

When you look at that number, that goes to show what a little healthy eating and moving your body can really do for your weight loss!