Desk Job Weight Loss Journey: Week 3

I’m afraid this week the update is going to be a little short. Our whole household came down with a nasty bout of sickness which wiped us out for most of the week. You know when all you want to do is be better but you can’t get out of bed? Yeah. It was that kind of sick.

It also meant we couldn’t work and the whole family was in survival mode with two sick kiddos and two sick parents. I feel anxious just thinking about it to be honest, haha, someone tell me this period of my life is almost over!

Here’s the very limited progress I have for this week…

Under Desk Treadmill Progress

I spent Thursday through Sunday in bed so it wasn’t the week I hoped for but before I was sick, I was up to 20,000 steps per day! Obviously I only managed this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday but I still feel like this is a huge accomplishment for my journey.

Today (Tuesday) is my first day back and I have decided I won’t aim for 20,000 this week unless I feel I can do it comfortably. I’ll let you know next week how I managed this!

Diet Progress

Almost seems pointless to update this as I was nil by mouth for the later part of the week but I can confirm my appetite is back with a vengeance this week! It’s going to take me a bit to get back on track I think.

Weight Loss Progress

I lost 1lb! But I weighed myself this morning which is only my second day “back” after being out sick so I’m not sure if this weight loss will stick. I’m also not sure if I should celebrate losing 1lb which was probably more from being sick than activity and managing my diet. But I want to be transparent on this blog so we’ll see where I’m at next week with this.