Desk Job Weight Loss Journey: Week 2

Buckle up. It’s been quite a week in my desk job weight loss journey!

I was immediately going to start this post on a negative but I’ve decided to try and focus on the positives first. So let’s start there!

Desk Job Weight Loss Week 2: The Good

There’s been a lot to celebrate this week in my desk job weight loss journey. For starters, I hit 16,000 steps every day. In fact, on Monday (when I was writing week 1’s roundup), I walked 20,000 steps!

I feel really good about it. I have found that the more steps I do in a day, the better I seem to eat as I don’t want to undo the hard work at my treadmill desk by eating junk for the rest of the day.

I lost 1lb.

I was expecting a little more to be honest but I had a heavy weekend of carbs so I am kinda hoping I might see the scales drop a little more next week to make up for this.

Finally, I got a new treadmill. Now you’re gonna want to read “The Bad” below to understand why, when I’m only two weeks in, I’ve had to get a new treadmill. And yes, this also comes under “The Bad” for this week but…

I LOVE my new treadmill. This week I put together a DIY treadmill desk guide that shows off my new baby!

Desk Job Weight Loss Week 2: The Bad

Without a doubt the worst part about my journey this week was my CITYSPORTS treadmill crapping out on me at the beginning of the week. I’ve written a CITYSPORTS treadmill review post where you can read the full details but essentially it just died. No warning. Just a crappy piece of kit that I don’t recommend.

Despite this, the week has been pretty good. I feel great. But on the weekend I am struggling to stay “on plan” with portion control and snacking on healthy foods.

I’m still losing pounds so I’m not concerned right now but I am trying to be mindful and get better at this.

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