CITYSPORTS Treadmill Review: Cheap Under Desk Treadmill

Well, I’m a little under two weeks into my journey with the CITYSPORTS treadmill and I have to say the journey hasn’t gone well. I hadn’t planned to write a review so soon after buying the treadmill but given my experience with it (and the fact I’ve already had to buy a new one), I wanted to write this down while it’s fresh.

I brought the CITYSPORTS treadmill exactly two weeks ago today and set it up the day it arrived, so all in all I’ve been using it for about 10 days.

But as I said, I’ve had to order a new under desk treadmill today. So…. let’s get on with this review!

Why the CITYSPORTS treadmill?

For context, I am on a desk job weight loss journey which has me aiming for around 16,000 steps per day Monday to Friday. To accomplish this, I brought a cheap standing desk converter and CITYSPORTS under desk treadmill from Amazon.

At the time I made the purchases, I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick to this. So it was important I spent as little as possible.

The standing desk converter set me back $130 and the CITYSPORTS treadmill was another $369 at the time I purchased it. All in all, I was pretty happy with this as a budget option but I still felt like I’d invested some money in my new setup.

So ultimately, yes, I chose the CITYSPORTS treadmill due to its cheap price but it also had rave reviews. Over 500 in fact! So you would think this would be a pretty smart (albeit budget) investment for my first under desk treadmill.

CITYSPORTS Treadmill: First Impressions

When this treadmill arrived I was so excited. It was bigger and heavier than I expected, but in a good way, as it was reassuring to think I hadn’t brought a flimsy treadmill that would break straight away (ha ha ha).

My office is on the top floor of the house and the delivery guys left it on my porch, so my husband and I did have to lug it up two flights of stairs but between the two of us we managed just fine. Once in my office, there was more than enough space to unpack and set it up.

The treadmill came in two parts, the first being the main treadmill base itself that will slide easily under a desk and the second being the support bars which you could choose to install if needed. I chose not to bother with this as I planned for it to permanently be an under desk treadmill.

CITYSPORTS Treadmill: First Use

The first day I used the CITYSports under desk treadmill I was in love. I easily walked 10,000 steps while working at my standing desk and it was a breeze to use.

It comes with a basic remote control which will adjust the speed and easily switch the machine on and off. This makes it incredibly simple to adjust speed, start and stop while still on the treadmill. A huge win in my books.

The treadmill did randomly switch off and enter “REST” mode halfway through my walk on the first use however I assumed this was a feature to encourage you to rest and possibly so the machine didn’t overheat. As I hadn’t reached my step goal for the day, I simply switched it back on and carried on without a hiccup.

CITYSPORTS Treadmill Review: Where It All Went Wrong

This happened today so I am writing this fresh off the disappointment of being sat at my desk for most of the day AND out of pocket another $389 for a replacement under desk treadmill. So everything I’m saying below is exactly as it happened.

I continued to use the CITYSPORTS treadmill without any issues in the first week. Today is day two of the second week and this is where it’s all gone wrong.

Yesterday I noticed the treadmill was a little slower than it had been on my usual settings. I’d read all about lubricating treadmills and had been applying lubricant to the CITYSPORTS treadmill, so I felt confident this was the issue and applied some more lubricant.

Fast forward to today and I realized it was still running slower than expected so, again, I applied some more lubricant and got started with my working day.

I’d reached about 9,000 steps when the treadmill turned off on me the first time which I found strange because it hadn’t been a recurring issue since the first use, so I booted it back up again and carried on.

Less than 30 seconds later and we’re back in “REST” mode.

I’m thinking things are a little off by this point but I persevered.

Only to find out that every time I started the damn treadmill up, it would stop and force me into “REST” mode about 30 seconds later.

A few clicks later and I’m speaking to Amazon chat support to explain the issue and they recommend lubricating the treadmill. I explain I have done this but that I will try applying a lot more than usual, just to see if that makes a difference.

Unfortunately, it didn’t change a thing.

This CITYSPORTS under desk treadmill, after less than 2 weeks of use, has completely died on me.

To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement. I feel truly devastated that I’ve had such an expensive hiccup so soon into my desk job weight loss journey and that, at present, I’ve paid out close to $700 for my DIY treadmill desk setup.

I have been reassured by Amazon that once the CITYSPORTS treadmill is collected from me that I will receive a refund for the cost but it doesn’t make the sting on my bank account any less right now. Nor make me feel better about the great progress I’d been making with my under desk treadmill so far!

I’m mostly disappointed because just yesterday I published a blog post raving about this damn treadmill and now it’s died on me less than 24 hours later. Needless to say, I’ll be updating that blog post ASAP with new recommendations based on my findings.

My New Under Desk Treadmill

When writing yesterday’s blog post, I discovered an under desk treadmill I really liked the sound of that I hadn’t noticed at the time I bought the CITYSPORTS treadmill. So now, I’ve treated myself to that dreamy treadmill in the hopes of a better experience the second time around.

As always, I’ll keep you posted on my progress and I’ll post some new pictures of my desk setup as soon as it arrives!

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