How To Use A Standing Desk Correctly

How to use a standing desk correctly

If you’re looking into standing desks, or maybe you already have one, chances are you are considering how you will use your standing desk. But more importantly than that, you need to make sure that you know how to use …

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The Best Shoes For Standing Desks: My Top 6 Picks

Best Shoes for Standing Desk

When I first looked into getting a standing desk, one of the first bits of advice I found from the standing desk community (aka Reddit) was to make sure you wear shoes. The idea of wearing shoes hadn’t even occurred …

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How To Exercise While Working From Home

How to exercise while working from home

Anyone who doesn’t work from home would probably think that it’s really easy to fit exercise into your day. But the truth is, figuring out how to exercise while working from home is not as simple as it sounds. Since …

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Desk Job Weight Loss Journey: Week 4

DIY Treadmill Desk

I can’t believe I reached week 4! I feel like this new way of working is starting to become a new way of life for me rather than just a fad. It definitely doesn’t feel as much of a chore …

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What is a Treadmill Desk?

WALKOLUTION Treadmill Desk, what is a treadmill desk

Treadmill desks have grown in popularity in recent years as more of us than ever are working from home and we are more health conscious than ever before. With that level of consciousness comes an awareness that sitting for 8 …

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Desk Job Weight Loss Journey: Week 3

Reading On The Treadmill

I’m afraid this week the update is going to be a little short. Our whole household came down with a nasty bout of sickness which wiped us out for most of the week. You know when all you want to …

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How Long Should You Stand At A Standing Desk?

How Long Should You Stand At A Standing Desk

There’s been a lot of debate over how long you should stand at a standing desk. Some people say that you should stand for as little as 5 minutes, while others recommend standing for up to 8 hours per day. …

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5 Articles About Standing Desks You Need To Read

articles about standing desks

I’ve read a lot of articles about standing desks, let me tell you. Some of that reading was before I invested in my own standing desk and under desk treadmill setup and the rest happened when I started writing this …

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